Index of values

add [Gammu.SMS]
add s sms adds sms to the folder specified in the folder field of sms and returns the couple folder and location where the message was stored (folder may be transformed).

battery_charge [Gammu.Info]

check [Gammu.DateTime]
Checks whether both date and time are valid (with check_date and check_time).
check_date [Gammu.DateTime]
Checks whether date is valid.
check_time [Gammu.DateTime]
Checks whether time is valid.
compare [Gammu.DateTime]
compare d1 d2 returns 0 if d1 is the same date and time as d2, a negative integer if d1 is before d2, and a positive integer if d1 is after d2.
config [Gammu.INI]
read_config section num processes and returns gammu configuration represented by the numth section of the INI file representation section.
connect [Gammu]
Initiates connection.
country_code_name [Gammu.Info]
country_code_name code returns the name of the country designed by the code code, of the form "[0-9]{3}" (the first 3 digits of the network code).

decode_multipart [Gammu.SMS]
decode_multipart sms Decodes multi part SMS to "readable" format.
default_received [Gammu.SMS]
Empty message with default values needed for saving a received SMS.
delete [Gammu.SMS]
Deletes SMS (SMS location and folder must be set).
disconnect [Gammu]

enable_incoming_call [Gammu]
enable_incoming_call t enable enable incoming call events or not, according to enable.
enable_incoming_sms [Gammu]
enable_incoming_sms t enable enable incoming sms events or not, according to enable.
enter_security_code [Gammu]
Enters security code (PIN, PUK,...).

firmware [Gammu.Info]
fold [Gammu.SMS]
fold s f a fold SMS messages through the function f with a as initial value, iterating trough SMS' *and* folders).
folders [Gammu.SMS]

get [Gammu.SMS]
Reads SMS message.
get_config [Gammu]
get_config s num gets gammu configuration from state machine s, where num is the number of the section to read starting from zero, -1 for the currently used one.
get_debug [Gammu]
Gets debug information for state machine.
get_security_status [Gammu]
Queries whether some security code needs to be entered.
get_status [Gammu.SMS]
Get information about SMS memory (read/unread/size of memory for both SIM and phone).
get_used_connection [Gammu]
get_value [Gammu.INI]
global [Gammu.Debug]
Global debug settings.

hardware [Gammu.Info]

imei [Gammu.Info]
incoming_call [Gammu]
incoming_call s f register f as callback function in the event of incoming call.
incoming_sms [Gammu]
incoming_sms s f register f as callback function in the event of an incoming SMS.
init_locales [Gammu]
Initializes locales.
is_connected [Gammu]

length_config [Gammu]
load_gammurc [Gammu]
Automaticaly finds the gammurc file (see Gammu.INI.of_gammurc), read it and push the config in the state machine.

make [Gammu]
Make a new clean state machine.
manufacture_month [Gammu.Info]
manufacturer [Gammu.Info]
model [Gammu.Info]
model_info [Gammu.Info]

network_code_name [Gammu.Info]
network_code_name code returns the name the network designed by the code code, of the form "[0-9]{3} [0-9]{2}".
network_info [Gammu.Info]

of_gammurc [Gammu.INI]
Finds and reads gammu configuration file.
os_date [Gammu.DateTime]
Converts date from timestamp to string according to OS settings.
os_date_time [Gammu.DateTime]
Converts timestamp to string according to OS settings.

product_code [Gammu.Info]
push_config [Gammu]
push_config s cfg push the configuration cfg on top of the configuration stack of s.

read [Gammu.INI]
read fname reads INI data from the file fname.
read_device [Gammu]
Attempts to read data from phone.
remove_config [Gammu]
remove_config s remove the top configuration from the config stack of s.

send [Gammu.SMS]
send s sms sends the sms.
set [Gammu.SMS]
set s sms sets sms at the specified location and folder (given in Gammu.SMS.message representation).
set_global [Gammu.Debug]
set_global di enables the use of the global debugging configuration for di.
set_incoming_sms [Gammu.SMS]
Enable/disable notification on incoming SMS.
set_level [Gammu.Debug]
set_debug_level di level sets debug level on di according to level.
set_output [Gammu.Debug]
set_debug_output di channel sets output channel of di to channel.
signal_quality [Gammu.Info]
string_of_error [Gammu]
string_of_error e returns a textual description of the error e.